Holding a Grunge is a 90's pop punk and rock cover band that plays in the NOVA/MD/DC area.

Who we are

(Left to Right)

Nick - GuitarLead guitarist Nick started playing guitar in high school ‘to get girls’ and…it worked (just like John Lennon said when he saw Elvis on TV…“Now that’s a good job!”). And he loved the late 90’s music. Third Eye Blind and Blink 182 are personal favorites, but he also developed an affection for EMO in college. He had previously joined a band called Left Exit in high school that played a variety show in DC and that was it. After that, whenever he attended a show he fantasized being the guitarist on stage, playing to thousands of fans. Nick’s also passionate about classical piano, and received a Minor in piano performance in college. He continues his piano lessons today, hoping to ignite a love of music in his young daughter (along with the fine pink PRS he just acquired- the color’s for her). He loves making music with the guys. For him it provides a sense of joy and relief in a sometimes stressful and complicated world. “The best feeling in the world is when you have people dancing and jumping around to the music you’re creating. There’s an electricity that flows through you and out into the audience. It justifies the long hours of individual practice and subsequent effort of putting it all together with the others.”
Sully- DrummerYoungest member Michael, or Sully, has been a working rock drummer since 2005. His dad, Chuck Sullivan, is a cofounder of the local Bandhouse Gigs, a confederation of top tier local musicians and session men/ladies who periodically take a break from their individual projects to “band” together for tribute shows in honor of rock and jazz legends. Sully’s dad also drums and has played with legendary figures such as Nils Lofgren, Bruce Springsteen and Chuck Berry. Son ‘Sully’ doesn’t limit his ‘cooking’ to music, however. He also enjoys creating and savoring fine cuisine. He’s got a head for statistics and enjoys reading science fiction, and philosophically pacifist literature. His first professional gig was a family band called The Unforgivers, which included his mother and father. When he’s not drumming, he enjoys composing, usually with his trusty ukulele. He continues to enjoy organized baseball, after a high school career that included 4 years of football and baseball.
Ryan- Lead SingerRyan is the Frontman/Lead Vocalist for the band. He developed a love for music at an early age, gravitating toward the rock and rap genres in the 80s, 90s and 2000’s. Though he always enjoyed singing, wherever and whenever he could, he never had an outlet to share it with a larger audience prior to a chance meeting with the founders of DC Rockers (formerly Bethesda Rockers) in 2014. It’s through this meetup group of musicians that Ryan practiced and honed his craft, while performing in various music studios and showcases before live audiences. Ryan met his lead guitarist Nick Abbott and bassist Dan Culler while putting together a June 2016 DC Rockers charity showcase and it was love at first note. “Mmmmmm. Maybe we should take this show on the road.” Aside from living out his ‘rockstar’ fantasy, Ryan has a day job selling insurance and is very happily married to his beautiful wife Ellie. Two years ago they were blessed with a cute/fun-loving baby girl named Isabella. They also enjoy the antics of an energetic pup named Rocky.
Dan- BassSenior member Dan picked up the bass in high school, when he won/lost the lottery for which one of the 3 guitarists for the newly-formed ‘Initial Grunge,’ would become the bass player. In imitation of Paul McCartney he bought a Univox, violin-body Hofner-knockoff at Washington Music and the rest is history- ancient history, in fact. A year later he added a second bass when rhythm guitarist Mike Webb loaned him the money to add a used Fender Jazz bass to his collection and another passion was born: collector of basses and guitars. The band curmudgeon, Dan insists he uses his phone primarily to call or text people he knows and spends time with. He does not post pictures of his food on Facebook, or selfies of him standing next to someone notable pretending to be his friend for 3 seconds; and he still mourns the cinematic death of Bond- James Bond. He says he would rather be playing covers in a smoky dive bar then sitting in a stadium seat listening to almost anyone else. He doesn’t consider music a spectator sport. He continues to enjoy life ‘in the pocket,’ even after all of these years. He remembers covering most of the current material in the 90’s when it was first released, then playing guitar in his own, eponymous band. He was excited to pick up his bass again and shake off the rust when he joined DC Rockers in 2015.


What kind of music do we play?
Here are just a few examples!
We tailor our setlist based on the venue and audience, or by your request!


Pop Punk:

Party Rock:

Rocky Rock:

Other Artists We Play Songs From:

۞ Sublime ۞ Blink 182 ۞ Stone Temple Pilots ۞ Green Day ۞ Red Hot Chili Peppers ۞ Nirvana ۞ Sugar Ray ۞ Third Eye Blind ۞ EverClear ۞ Tonic ۞ Fuel ۞ Oasis ۞ Better than Ezra
۞ Weezer ۞ Lit ۞ Eve 6 ۞ Incubus ۞ Violent Femmes ۞ Sugar Ray ۞ Dishwalla ۞ Bush
۞ The Black Crowes ۞ Live ۞ Pearl Jam ۞ Marcy Playground ۞ The Offspring
۞ Presidents of the United States of America and more!


Shows & Booking

Upcoming Events:

MoCo LagerFestSaturday - April 20, 202412:00 PMMoCo LagerFest
Band Madness with Holding a GrungeSunday - April 21, 20242:30 AMThe Electric Palm
Viva! 90's Rock! at Viva! Vienna!Monday - May 27, 202410:00 AMViVa! Vienna! Memorial Day Weekend Festival
Holding A Grunge drops in to Eavesdrop BrewingSaturday - June 22, 20243:00 PMEavesdrop Brewery Manassas
Holding A Grunge appears at Vanish BrewerySaturday - June 29, 20241:00 PMVanish Farmwoods Brewery Leesburg
Holding A Grunge appears at Vanish BrewerySaturday - July 27, 20241:00 PMVanish Farmwoods Brewery Leesburg
Holding A Grunge drops in to Eavesdrop BrewingSaturday - September 14, 20243:00 PMEavesdrop Brewery Manassas
Holding A Grunge Rocks Heritage BrewerySaturday - September 28, 20243:00 PMHeritage Brewery Manassas
Holding A Grunge drops in to Eavesdrop BrewingSaturday - November 9, 20243:00 PMEavesdrop Brewery Manassas

Past Events:

HOLDING A GRUNGE - LIVE MUSIC Saturday NightSaturday - October 21, 202310:00 PMAlexandria Bier Garden
Saints Row Year 6: All in the FamilySaturday - September 23, 202312:00 PMSaints Row Brewing
90's Dance Party @ Caddies w/Holding A Grunge!Saturday - August 26, 20239:30 PMCaddies
90's Rooftop Party at Sauf Haus Bier Hall in DC!Friday - July 28, 202310:00 PMSauf Haus Bier Hall & Garden
Live Music: Holding A GrungeSaturday - June 24, 20233:00 PMEavesdrop Brewery
Kentlands Music NightsFriday -
June 23, 2023
6:00 PMKentlands Market Square
Holding A Grunge (once again) returns to Tommy Joes! (Finally!)Friday - May 19, 20237:30 PMTommy Joe's Bar + Grill
Holding a Grunge LIVE First Friday at Three MonkeysFriday - May 5, 20239:00 PMThree Monkeys Pub and Chophouse
Holding A Grunge Returns to Tommy Joes!Saturday - March 25, 20237:00 PMTommy Joe's Bar + Grill
Rocking Old Town Alexandria at O'Shaughnessy'sSaturday - February 25, 20239:00 PMO'Shaughnessy's
We're Back Baby! At Tommy Joes Bar & GrillSaturday - January 28, 20237:00 PMTommy Joes Bar & Grill
Holding A Grunge goes acoustic at Prospect Point BrewingSaturday - August 27, 20224:00 PMProspect Point Brewing
Music NightFriday - August 26, 20227:00 PMKentlands Market Square
Holding a Grunge Rocks into SpankysSaturday - July 30, 20226:00 PMSpanky's Shenanigans
Holding a Grunge appears at Vanish BrewerySaturday - July 9, 20221:00 PMVanish
Holding a Grunge returns to Red RocksSaturday - June 18, 20229:30 PMRed Rocks Cafe & Tequila Bar
Holding a Grunge LIVE at Sauf HausSaturday - June 11, 202210:00 PMSauf Haus Bier Hall & Garden
Holding a Grunge LIVEFriday - May 27, 20229:00 PMThree Monkeys Pub and Chophouse

For questions and/or booking information, please contact us by email at holding.a.grunge@gmail.com or by phone (703) 850-1422. Thank you!